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About Us

Omal Global Consult is a Canada-based registered and accredited education recruitment agency, with the sole aim of facilitating international students’ career pathways and opportunities to tap into the best quality of education obtainable only through Canadian institutions.

We know that studying abroad is one of the most important decisions that students and their parents or sponsors have to make, and it requires very clear information, professional guidance and counselling.

We Help You Realize Your Dream
We understand the challenges students face, from course selection to visa application, and settling down into a new environment. At every point of the journey, we are there to give our clients the appropriate support that they need to make their dream of experiencing quality Canadian education possible.

What Services We Offer For You

Start your journey to a Canadian boarding school, college or university today.
We offer guaranteed acceptance at a Canadian School for qualified applicants.

Application Process

We guide students through the whole process of selecting their courses and getting their Admission Letters from their desired School, College or University.

Pre-departure Briefing

Once a student receives his or her visa, the usual concern is about settling down in the new environment. We provide students with relevant information on what to expect and what to take along.

Visa Guidance

The visa process is clear, but we have found out that students sometimes require guidance through the application process. So, we will support our clients through the steps.

Accommodation & Welcoming services

We assist our clients to find suitable accommodation. Their airport pick-up on arrival is also part of our package. Contact us anytime during your stay in Canada. We are here to help you.

Our Expertise & Faculty

We are a team of certified Canadian education agents, counselors and associates who help students across the globe find their most suitable educational institutions in Canada and facilitate their application, admission and settlement processes. We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


    What Our Client Says

    Tracking all the way to enrollments can be challenging. But with the right tools, a data-driven approach to student recruitment is within reach.

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      I highly recommend Omal Global Consult to all students wishing to explore education systems of developed countries. Their well structured career pathways advice and guidance help me to achieve my dream to study in Canada

      • Ore
      • Student
    • Client Image

      Omal Global Consult is one of the best student placement service providers I have met. They are very polite and professional in discharging their services.

      • Mary
      • Student
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      They don’t beat around the bush. They provide you precise guidance, cost and consequences that lets you make the right decision without having to feel helplessness and dependency which unfortunately have my past experiences with similar providers. They genuinely try to help

      • David
      • Student
    • Client Image

      Omal Global Consult is and will always be a lifesaver for me. They not only help but also fight for your success. They run after clients and keep them updated with every details. Excellent relationship with clients.

      • Selorm
      • Student
    • Client Image

      I strongly recommend Omal Global Consult to everybody because they provide excellence service. They are the best in their field.

      • John
      • Student

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